Token Economy
User can use blockchain without transaction fee and contribute to ecosystem with high-quality service. As businesses get LED for rewards, the network grows with a mutually virtuous cycle.
Issuing CompanyLEDGIS Co, Ltd
Ticker SymbolLED
Coin FormatLEDGIS
Supply1,000,000,000 (1 Billion)
LEDGIS White Paper Download
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LEDGIS Utility
Easy Mobile LEDGIS Blockchain
Safe Account Management
You can make a real-name verified account and anonymous account through KYC. You can log-in by a biological verification like facial recognition and fingerprint.
Easy UI/UX
You can send cryptocurrency fast and easily. Checking and managing your wallet’s usage is easy with an account information display.
Convenient usage of DApp
You can use LEDGIS Wallet safely and conveniently by adding diverse DApps.
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LEDX: a real-time Block monitoring service linked to LEDGIS wallet
Link to LEDGIS Wallet
LEDX is a block monitoring system that users can easily use. It is designed to focus on important information so that users can know the condition of LEDGIS blockchain. Tabs consist of frequent services like remittance and transaction information can be seen with a few simple clicks.
Log-in by QR code
You can easily log-in and make transactions by key information saved in your mobile device. There is no need to save a key in your computer.
Make KYC account
By making the website similar to other general websites, the accessibility has increased which makes blockchain accounts easier to create. We also support AML through KYC.
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