Are you preparing for personal information portability request?

Fulfill the personal privacy and corporate privacy regulations at the same time Do you have customer personal information? You have both a device for information protection and an opportunityto create a next-generation profit model


DIDH platform offers various personal services so that individuals can read, write, and share data with data sovereignty.

We developed SSI (Self-Sovereign Identity) model-based blockchain service under the vision that all individuals have to be the owner of personal data. SSI means that everyone holds the ownership over own personal data and holds the rights to decide “Who” and “What” to share with the third party.

We provide DIDH-based service so that individuals can control personal data, distribute data conveniently based on their choice, and minimize the information security risks. Ultimately, we aim to return all personal data from platform businesses to individuals who originally own the data.


LEDGIS 'On Web 3.0'

~ 2023

  • Expand data distributor/sharer for LEDGIS data infrastructure nodes
  • Expand coin mint/distributor, BP participants for LEDGIS Public
  • Expand ecosystem that use LED coin as key currency or currency in use

“LEDGIS DATA”Completion of Decentralized Ecosystem

~ 2022

  • Build blockchain infrastructure composed of DID/IDH/LEDGIS public nodes
  • Create P2P (C2C, C2B, C2G)-based data distribution market

Expansion of SSI (Self Sovereignty Identity) Infrastructure

~ 2022

  • Encourage decentralization of personal data starting from sensitive data
  • Build infrastructure for utilizing data between individuals and service platforms
  • Expand participation of service platforms that need personal information

Blockchain for DATA Security

~ 2021

  • Blockchain required by industrial fields
  • Blockchain with higher security

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